“In February 2009, I had a four level spinal fusion in my neck. While the surgery did a tremendous amount of good, I experienced a lot of pain due to the amount of nerve damage that occurred before the surgery. In April 2010, I decided to give acupuncture with Joan a try before pursuing further traditional treatments. It took about 4 -5 treatments for me to begin seeing a difference, but since then I have experienced a great deal of relief. As I have continued the acupuncture treatments, the amount of pain that I experience has continued to decrease.”

Rebecca S. Dietz

“I have been seeing Joan since June 2011. My health has continued to improve thanks to regular visits and her supplements. I have noticed improvements in continued weight loss, ability to sleep longer and deeper, being calmer, increased stamina and a stronger immune system. Several of my friends have commented on how I am rarely sick and how quickly I recover. I always look forward to community acupuncture and I highly recommend Joan.”

Stacey Bevill