Will I need an herbal prescription along with my acupuncture treatment?

Not necessarily. Your need for an herbal prescription depends on your current condition. Your acupuncture treatment(s) alone may be enough to resolve the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Are herbal prescriptions and supplements safe?

If taken as directed by a licensed health practitioner, herbal prescriptions are generally safe. There are three main factors that help determine safety:

• Individual herb selection: Herbal prescriptions generally contain more than one herb, sometimes as many as twenty. Each herb in a formula must address the underlying cause of your symptoms.

• Dosage: Herbs are natural yet potent medicines, and proper dosage is very important in order to prevent side effects.

• Herb-Drug Interaction: It is important to inform your health practitioner of any medications you may be taking or have recently taken. This is because some herbs may interact with your medications to cause unwanted side effects. It is also important to notify your practitioner of any supplements you may be taking.

The above factors can only be effectively evaluated by a qualified health practitioner.

It is also important to remember that some herbal supplements are sold because the supplement industry represents a large market and thus a potential for huge profits. These supplements are not necessarily beneficial to your health. Again, your health practitioner can provide guidance if you are considering over-the-counter herbal supplements.

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