What is cupping?

CuppingCupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. practitioners believe cupping mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing. Cupping is effective for relieving pain, relaxing muscle spasms, increasing local blood circulation, and detoxifying local tissue. It is also used to treat common cold.

Will cupping leave marks on the skin?

Yes, cupping will leave temporary marks on the skin. The marks resemble bruising, but are not painful. They are the result of bringing blood and toxins to the skin surface. The color of the marks can range from pink to red to dark purple, depending on your condition. The marks can last up to several days, and to help reduce this duration it is important to drink plenty of water after your treatment.

Can I get burned during cupping?

The flame used to produce suction is removed before placing the cup on the skin, and the cup will not be hot when it touches the skin. Cupping is performed under a controlled environment so that there is very little risk of getting burned.

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